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Are you yet to develop a professional website for your business? Is your current website not generating the interest and enthusiasm in your product that it deserves? Let me help! A new, visually stunning webpage will tell your customers what you and your company are all about, provide the information they are looking for in an easy to find place and give your business a fresh new face. A website is often the first glimpse your customers see of your company so you want their experience to be easy, frustration-free and visually pleasing. At Bollis Web Development I can ensure they will experience just that.

About Me

I completed a Computer Science (Software Engineering) degree at the University of Adelaide in 2008. From there I travelled to the Northern Territory where I worked for a company in charge of the Northern Territory Government IT contract and fixed computers in the hospitals and police stations of Alice Springs and surrounding Indigenous Communities. After I returned to Adelaide I went on to work for various programming companies including a fantastic little Web Design company. I learned a lot and contributed to a broad range of projects allowing me to improve my coding skills creating for their custom CMS. It was here that I realised my passion for Web Develpment. These days I am working at a non-tech company developing large and complex web applications to give our high profile clients a seamless view into various cost and statistical data.

In my own time I enjoy trying out new tricks and tools and creating professional, scalable websites for businesses looking for a reasonably priced but effective website. My sites can be easily built upon as your company grows, getting bigger and better along with your company and your customers growing needs. I have a real passion and excitement for what I do, I do it for the love of development and learning. You can rest assured that communication is very important through the whole process. I take an agile approach to development meaning you will have many opportunities to make alterations and changes to the original plan. I am not your typical nerd and this is not your typical Web Development company.

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